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The idea here, is to allow you not to share the money you work so hard to earn. And then, why should you?

The idea here, is that you to keep all the money you earn to yourself.

The idea here, is that you become the OWNER of this WEBSITE and sell this software "Smart Internet Eraser".

The idea here, is not for you to be merely entitled to a commission for your hard work and effort, but for you to keep the FULL amount yourself. NOW DO IT FOR YOURSELF !!

If you have been thinking off making extra money online, this product give you the flexibility to own and run your own program. and since it will be "Your VERY own"... you do not have to rely on other unstable web sponsors and advertisers. Being easy to manage it takes very takes very little time leaving you to do more important things and still make money. This program fully independent of us or any one else, this program allows you more than just freedom but a chance to be your own boss.

Followed by the success, we present to you the product that you as a webmaster can own, and then sell to your surfers. This way you will own the software and make your cash as if you wrote the program!

BUY THIS WEBSITE WITH  THIS SOFTWARE!, customized with your chosen name, logo, banner (which you can rotate) or keep same as it is - IT'S READY TO SELL, et al. And you in turn can sell as many copies of it as you want. NO HIDDEN FEE !! You can also fix your own price for the software. You just need to change payment links to your swreg.org account....that's all.

Sell as little as 42 copies, after which all the profits are yours and yours alone.

Lets do some simple math
Your cost : $ 1497.00
Sell Single user license copy @ $34.95 = 42 copies to break even
Sell two user license copy    @ $59.95 = 24 copies to break even

Your purchase comes with the following:

# WEBSITE (as it is condition) with domain name transferred to you in your name. (You may move your hosting anywhere- we will help in transfer)

# Software Rights (Smart Internet Eraser): Full resell rights and copyright

Each software copy will have your unique serial number and unlock code keys. Even the ones you sell to your clients, which you yourself can generate via an external utility we will provide at *no* extra cost.

# Software Versions: Both full and demo versions of the software

# Website and Software Graphics: The services of our graphic artist are included free with your purchase.

# Legal Options: End user must agree to your custom user agreement before installing the software

# Software Purchase Options: Your Demo version will prompt the user to purchase the software each time it is opened or closed, and links directly to your purchase page!

# Software Support and Files: We will provide free fixes if there is ever a problem with your software. Up-gradation or software customization if any required may be done at extra cost. No source codes / coding will be provided.

Contact: jain_manoj27@hotmail.com



About the Software:

Smart Internet Eraser does not simply erase tracks but instead it uses sophisticated and advanced algorithms which takes erasing your tracks one step further -Smart Internet Eraser uses US Department of Defense (US DoD) standards to give you added security and peace of mind. 

Some Main features:

  • Erase Tracks from multiple browsers and windows applications. 
  • Works for Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and Windows Applications
  • Erase Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera visit history
  • Erase Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera Internet Explorer cookies
  • Erase Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera cache files
  • Erase the typed URLs in Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera
  • Erase the form AutoComplete list in Internet Explorer, Netscape
  • Erase the saved user name and password by Internet Explorer  
  • Erase the locked index.dat
  • Erase the Windows start menu - run drop list
  • Erase the files in Windows temp folder
  • Erase the Windows recent documents list
  • Erase the files in Window recycle bin
  • Shred files and folders and over writing it multiple times over and over again - make these files unrecoverable.
  • Scheduler for one click operations
  • BossKey for quick action
  • and many, many more features...

We can go on and on about the features... but we believe you would like to try it for yourself. 

Erase the tracks of your activities completely and fully. 
No bars hold. No exceptions. No worries. No tension. 




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